We’re committed to growing with our investors, internal and external clients, and partners. And while we’ve come a long way since going public in March 2020, we’ve set out to reach an important milestone as a company; $1 billion in revenue. This aggressive yet attainable growth strategy framework will be achieved with our company-wide initiative, GigaCube, which comprises three foundational pillars: Industries, Innovation, and Geographies.

Geo Scalability

Europe, India, and the Americas are the three geographies of the GigaCube growth strategy framework. And as key drivers of our “Follow-the-Sun” model of engineering excellence, these geographies enable the acceleration of valuable business outcomes for our clients. Our teams and programs are organized and orchestrated for continuous integration, self-sufficiency, and maximum business impact across regions. Another strategic advantage of our “Follow-the-Sun” approach is that these geographies are growing technology markets with large talent pools of highly-skilled technical talent and cost-efficient scalability due to a large and well-recognized university infrastructure—a valuable asset for fueling our internship programs and attracting top talent.

In addition to accelerated time to market and a broader reach for our clients; For our employees, the global expansion provides new opportunities for career advancement and exposure to diversity, cultures, beliefs, and walks of life. And for investors, our expanded footprint represents a solid foundation and commitment to supporting aggressive global expansion.


Driving innovation is at the core of what we do and our culture, and it thrives at the intersection of three capabilities: business, data, and technology. Business consulting finds, drives, and engages around business value and outcomes; Data empowers organizations with real-time and critical information needed for decision-making and investments; Technology helps address legacy system shortcomings, and the rapid scale of change required supports clients’ growth and speed to market. We’re focusing our efforts and investment on the three essential capabilities needed to drive innovation and sustainable growth.   

For our employees, it means maximizing their technical skills to enable professional career growth. Learning and applying the latest technologies, co-innovating with partners, and actively participating in our R&D led by subject matter experts.  For clients, it means strengthening our culture of engineering excellence and co-innovation. And for investors, this represents one of our core market differentiations and a driver of sustained growth.

Industry Expansion

Financial Services & Insurance, Manufacturing, and Life Science / Pharma are the three priority industries of our GigaCube growth framework. We’ll retain our competitive advantage in the industries we are well known for and grow our portfolio by adding the above industries, where investment in large transformation programs is less prone to budget cuts or to pausing strategic initiatives during recessions.

We’ll also expand our capabilities in R&D and continue hiring subject-matter experts to develop tailor-made solutions for these industries. In addition, our expertise in AI, data, cloud & modern applications, and CX development is heavily applicable to solving the pressing business challenges impacting these industries. 

We will continue strengthening our relationship with leading technology partners and expand our ecosystem to niche partners in these verticals to help transform and accelerate legacy systems in these industries. We’ll also look for strategic acquisitions to accelerate our maturation in key vertical industries.